We provide a range of low-cost, customized outsourcing services


This is our most commonly used method of offshore resource development. In this arrangement, we discuss your business goals and develop a specific recruitment profile for the employees you wish to hire. We then find and pre-screen candidates before presenting them to you for the final interviews.

Through this, you are not under any obligation until you've identified the right people to join your team. Once you've selected your staff, we will sign an agreement and then bring your staff on board. We manage their office, HR, and infrastructure requirements while you oversee the workflow. We also provide varying levels of project management based on your needs. Our goal is to help the project managers to operate like local employees working in your office.

Pricing is determined by an easy formula that includes the salary of the employee's basic salary, as well as benefits, taxes, infrastructure, and a management charge. It is easy to comprehend.

Offshore staff leasing is a practical outsourcing choice because it gives an easy template to incorporate teams from overseas into an existing company without having to surrender much control over management. Staff leasing can be utilized to form groups ranging from one person to hundreds.


Ideal for ongoing projects or permanent staff when there is a requirement for maximum cost savings or to access an additional resource pool.


Easy to set up with no risk and without upfront expenses. Predictable, low-cost structure. Management of staff through Sourcefit helps focus on the core business.


Virtually any type of office-based procedure is possible to outsource using personnel in the Philippines, From lead generation and customer service as well as all kinds of creative and design services to online marketing and data processing IT support, application development medical billing, legal assistance, and other services. You can view our specializations here on the main page.


Provide a detailed description of the kind of personnel you'd prefer to recruit and the objectives you want to incorporate the new staff into your existing processes. We will then collaborate with you to develop an outsourcing plan to guarantee your success. There are no setup fees or costs for starting up and no commitments to long-term contracts; thus, beginning the process is risk-free.

Creating your team of experts offshore is simple and risk-free using Triumph Recruiting. We provide a variety of different outsourcing options based on the specific requirements of your company. Our goal is to aid you in maximizing the benefits of your long-term outsourcing offshore.

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